Unique mix
of word processor + spreadsheet + file manager + email

New  You lead a team or a working group

Use the worksheet to conduct your meetings and work in groups :

During the meeting, record decisions, progress, new action points, etc…

At the end of the meeting print the worksheet to create minutes

Between meetings, everyone can share progress, files, and new information for the next meeting

The worksheet serves as on-going agenda, as meeting minutes, provides file sharing and action point tracking

You manage projects

Use the worksheet to:

Describe plans and tasks

Share documents with participants

Extract tasks by date / priorities

Record progress in completing tasks

Record decisions made at follow-up meeting

Print monitoring reports

Agility, speed and ease

You do customer follow-up, supplier follow-up, monitoring (technological, market, etc.)

Use the worksheet to:

Build a monitoring plan (radar)

Record information on the fly on the subjects to monitor

Manage follow-up actions

Print monitoring reports

The worksheet is your memory. Pick up threads at a glance

You send regular activity reports to your management or to your customers

Use the worksheet for:

Record your actions carried out on the fly

Print your report at the end of the month or at the end of the week

Automatic report layout

You receive many emails with non-immediate actions to do

Use the worksheet for:

Create tasks corresponding to emails as they arise

Extract tasks by date / priorities to organize your work

A lighter email inbox

The information is stored in notes
A worksheet consists of notes arranged in the form of a tree
Full page editor
Worksheet notes can be rearranged as needed
Your worksheet can become large over time. Expand-collapse buttons, a navigation bar and the ability to create tabs ensure easy navigation and an ergonomic display
Three types of notes, infinitely combinable, allows you create a worksheet tailored to your needs:
  • Note
  • Dated Note
  • Task
Tools are available to extract lists of tasks to be carried out from your worksheet
Dated notes are automatically displayed in chronological order in your worksheet
Files can be attached to notes to enrich your worksheet
Choose to share each note independently with other users like an email (for each note choose who is in Cc)
Your shared notes are added to the worksheets of other users who have previously authorized you to do so
Choose the users who are allowed to add notes to your worksheet
Users are alerted by email of notes added to their worksheets. The added notes are identified and marked unread in their worksheets
New  Switch to Meeting Mode to work only with your notes shared with meeting participants without showing your other notes
Highlight notes to indicate priority
Use the tools to extract from your worksheet to-do lists, sorted by date, by priority or by age
Track the progress of tasks using dated notes
Strike out tasks to indicate that they are completed
Display the part of the worksheet to be printed
Select the columns to print
Print your worksheet
Send your reports

Who are we?

We are a team of consultants who work worldwide. We have designed this tool to increase our efficiency, facilitate and improve the quality of our work. Having very different personal profiles we have devoted a lot of resources to designing a free, flexible and versatile tool suited to our different ways of working. We wish you a pleasant and enriching use.