Map your Work online

Break down your work topics into small, easily manageable items

Organize the items in the form of trees


Share your map with other users, item by item. Choose which items to share and with whom to share them. You can keep items as personal items, or you can share certain items with users and share other items with other users.

Filnote adds the shared items in the right place on the user maps and marks them as unread.


Complete maps over time with the new information available

Correct, improve maps by exchanging questions and answers within the maps

Manage action items

Add action items to your map.

Filnote extracts them and generates To-do lists in the form of maps of action items presented in context with related items (parent and child items). This allows action items to be written in a simple and short way without repeating the informative context.

Generate action maps by due dates or by age.

Record timelines

Time stamp items to create timelines. Filnote automatically sorts them in chronological order on your map.

With timelines:

Record meeting decisions

Follow the progress of tasks

Manage document versions

Create reports

Manage documents

Attach files to items:

An item provides more information than a file name

An item can be time stamped

Files are available on your map.

Work in a meeting

Switch to Meeting Mode to work on your map on screen. Your map is reduced to items shared with meeting participants only. Participants do not see your other items.


Team Meeting Management

Planning / Project Management

Report Making

Information Base Management

Organization of Personal Work


Quick, easy access to information at the right level of detail

One place for all your items: shared items and personal items

Efficient management of action items

Time-stamped items automatically arranged in chronological order on your map

Your map is safe and available anywhere


Unlimited number of branches and child branches on your map

Navigation optimized for large maps of thousands of items

Item by item map sharing

Handshaking with other users before sharing items

Email notification of new shared items

Extractions in the form of maps

Extraction of unread shared items

Extraction of action items by due dates / by age


Meeting mode